Good to be “home”

I arrived back in Nyakagyezi yesterday afternoon.  As wonderful as it was to spend the whole week in Kisiizi and up at Kutamba School, I have to say that I felt a special happiness when the van took the left hand turn off of the main road to head up to the village.  Before even reaching the … Continue reading

Pictures from Kutamba AIDS Orphans School

Here are some pictures from my week at Kutamba.  The teachers and staff at the school were wonderful, and I enjoyed my time with them immensely. The boda-boda (motor bike) was the main form of transport this week.  The twenty minute ride to and from Kutamba School was absolutely breathtaking, in more ways than one.  … Continue reading

Nyaka’s Grannies Project Video Posted

Check out Nyaka’s website to see the 14-minute video that I made highlighting the organization’s Grannies Project.  The website can be found at .  The video is located in the middle of the page, where you see Jolly, the Grannies Project National Coordinator. I was amazed by the strength and character of the grandmothers I … Continue reading

July 17, 2009 Kutamba Impressions

I wrapped up my week at Kutamba School today.  If this week is any indication of the way the next few weeks will go, then it will be the beginning of August before I know it.  Time is really flying.  Tomorrow (Saturday), I head back to Nyaka, and in just another three weeks, I’ll be … Continue reading

Nyaka “Rocks”

I never knew that rocks made for such great teaching tools!  When you’re teaching in a village without the luxuries of projectors, computers, science kits, or other manipulatives, you use what’s available.  In my case, I have plenty of rocks.  First, I used rocks to teach my P-4 students about gravity.  You can imagine the … Continue reading

Food for Thought

Last year, Nyaka finished third out of all schools in the district with the results of its P-7 students’ Primary Leaving Examinations (PLEs).  The only two school schools that placed higher are private boarding schools.  Not too shabby for a school who serves only the area’s most vulnerable children.    I’ve asked most of the … Continue reading

Lucky me!

I get to start each week by seeing the smiling faces of Nyaka students.  What a way to start a Monday morning!  I don’t have many thoughts to add right now (or rather, I have a million thoughts but not enough time to write them all down), so I just thought that I would share some of … Continue reading

July 3, 2009 Faith in Children

Today, one of my students prayed for me during Morning Prayer.  He prayed that I was safe and protected from sickness and disease and that I was taken care of while I was here.  His simple words meant so much.  Religion, faith, and prayer are integrated into Uganda’s schools.  It is not uncommon to see questions … Continue reading

June 30, 2009 – Visit to Kambuga Hospital and Nyaka’s Community Library/Training Center Site

The students at Nyaka began their mid-term examinations today, so it’s pretty quiet around the school.  This morning, I joined Jack and Heather on their short trip to Kambuga Hospital.  With only one doctor present, the hospital serves thousands of people in Kambuga and its surrounding areas.  There are nurses and physician’s assistants, but like … Continue reading

Visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Yesterday, I went on my first non-Nyaka related adventure to Queen Elizabeth National Park.  It was amazing to see the landscape change during the 1 1/2 drive from the lush, green hills at Nyaka to the flat, dry savannah at Queen Elizabeth.  We visited the southern most tip of the park which is called Ishasha.  We … Continue reading