Celebrating Good Times and Student Achievement

Today we had a feast!  To celebrate the teachers and the wonderful work that they accomplished last school year with the P-7 students, the school’s inspector, Christine, invited the whole staff to the school for a delicious meal.  We feasted on goat, matooke (cooked, non-sweet bananas), rice, potatoes, ground nuts, and chapati (kind of like tortillas).  It was wonderful to be included in the celebration, and once again it was so motivating to be surrounded by such hard working and motivated people.

Last year, 21 out of 22 P-7 students passed their Primary Leaving Examinations, which is an incredible feat for a rural school serving the area’s most vulnerable children.  In some areas, those passing numbers are as low as 30 to 40%.  Here, though, no excuses are made for the students.  Teachers and staff promise that this year’s results will be even better!  In addition, Nyaka provided the financial support needed to send all of those students to a secondary boarding school, and the one student who did not pass was given support to attend vocational training school.  The future, which once looked dark and bleak for these children, is now opening up to a world full of bright possibilities thanks to Nyaka.  Here are some pictures from the wonderful afternoon:

Teacher Alice was ESPCECIALLY excited for the meal.  As Kaaka Freda said, her eyes had “hunger” in them.  Here is her “before” shot:

Alice pre-meal

And here is the “after” shot.  She always has a smile on her face and a laugh ready to make everyone else smile.  I can’t get enough!

Alice post-meal

Christine giving her pre-meal speech of gratitude and thanks to the teachers and staff.


My Nyaka “family” have all been so welcoming to me since the moment I arrived.  Words simply cannot express the gratitude that I feel towards the staff here.  I have so much respect for what they are doing, and I will miss them tremendously when I leave in a couple of weeks.


It was a nice day and a good reason to celebrate.  Tomorrow means the beginning of another school week here at Nyaka.  I’m excited to see my students!

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