Millennium Village Visit Next Week

Today marks an end to another school week here at Nyaka.  As always, it’s been busy and eventful.  I’m still working on completing the school’s model plan, which will be my main deliverable to the organization at the end of the summer.  The Nyaka AIDS Foundation is doing so much to try to uplift these rural communities, and I face the task of compiling everything into one concise document.  The project is going well, though, and at the end of these two weeks, I hope to hand over something that will benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

Next week, I have the opportunity to visit the Millennium Village Project (MVP) here in Uganda.  The MVP is a program led by The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Millennium Promise, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).  The project aims to provide quick-impact investments to rural, disadvantaged regions to illustrate how these small-scale investments in agriculture, health, education, and infrastructure can lift entire communities out of extreme poverty.  In villages of roughly 5,000 people, the MVP launches a five-year effort to achieve sustained long-term growth by spending $120 per villager per year.  Half of the financial support comes from private philanthropies and the government of Japan, but NGOs, local governments, and communities pick up the other half.  It’s an interesting concept, and on a small-scale, Millennium Villages have demonstrated great progress.  Information about the MVP can be found at .

During the spring semester, I met a gentleman from Kampala’s UNDP office at a Clinton School event.  I have remained in contact with him, and he has kindly arranged for me to visit the MV in Ruhiira, which is about 3 to 4 hours away from Nyaka.  The main reason for my visit is to gather ideas and information that could help Nyaka grow and expand.  Just as the MVP aims to help entire communities, Nyaka uses its school model as a center for community development.  I’m looking forward to spending a couple of days there learning and listening to all of the things that are taking place.


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