A Week in Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the week:

I made another visit to the Nyaka’s Community Library and Vocational/Agriculture Training site.  Teacher Agaba proudly showed me all of the work that is being done by local laborers who are busy tilling the soil.  They have done so much in just a few weeks time.  Given the normal distribution of labor here, many of the workers are women, some with babies tied on their backs.  It never ceases to amaze me how strong these women are!


Some of the newly tilled land.  The Foundation aims to plant crops such as maize, beans, cabbage, and eggplant, which will help sustain the school’s Nutrition Program.


I got into the action a little bit.  My days in AmeriCorps*NCCC came in handy.  Really, I didn’t do much there today, except make everyone laugh by trying to dig with them. 


Some members of the Anti-AIDS Club bringing back goodies after Sunday’s performance.  Sensio is carrying a large jackfruit, while Emmanuel, Nicholus, and Comfort are enjoying fresh sugar cane.  Mmmmm!


The Nyaka AIDS Foundation attended the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2008 Conference.  It is an honor to be chosen to attend CGI, and it demonstrates the great work that Nyaka is doing.  The CGI plaque went up in the guesthouse just a few weeks ago.  Everyone here is very proud of it!



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