Fun in the Sun!

I’m back into the normal swing of things here at Nyaka.  End of term examinations are just a few weeks away, so all of the students and teachers are busy preparing.  Today, I got to teach one of my favorite science lessons with my P-4 students: using shadows to measure time.  We learned that shadows change throughout the day and that we can look at those changes to help us tell the time.  It always helps to move around a bit, so we took the lesson outside to measure our shadows.  It was mid-day, and the students saw that their shadows were very short.  Later in the day, we saw how the shadows moved and became longer.  Here are some of the pictures.  Flat Stanley even got in on the shadow action!





One Response to “Fun in the Sun!”
  1. Erika says:

    Dear Ali,
    How can I get in touch with you please?
    Read your comment in “A School For My Village” went on to watch the panel video from the Clinton School in which you were a part, have been reading your blog- and am intrigued to know if I may share in the results of your research while at Nyaka school, among other things.

    I am developing ways to unify holistic-community-based projects worldwide and based on my perception of your insight, experience and capabilties, would deeply appreciate your feedback on my ideas. If you are open, please contact me at:

    My website:

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